A pedagogic day at the farm

The farm de l’Oiselet receives schools by reservation only to discover the farm its inhabitants and its cultures during a fun and learning day.

The children can participate in two interactive workshops chosen by teacher in fonction with his school project and a workshop in semi-autonomous status.

For infant schools, this semi-autonomous workshop corresponds to discovering our barnyard. For juniors and seniors schools, this workshop is adapted to their school programme.

You can discover all our workshops filtered by level on clicking on the tabs herewith.
The farm has all National Education and DDJS state approvals.
Spaces with shade are at the disposition of classes and if the weather conditions are bad, children can eat their picnics in the big reception hall near the fire place or in other halls previewed and heated. Children must bring their picnic lunch.
To be able to reserve your day at our farm, or to verify our disponibilities and to know our prices, please contact us and send the subscription form.

An example of a day at the farm (basic formula) :


  • Half day 1 (morning or afternoon) : Visit of our barnyard or dedicated workshop (for juniors and seniors schools) in semi-autonomous status (one animator for 2 groups) ;
  • Half day 2 (morning or afternoon) : 2 workshops of 1 hour each on a theme chosen by the teacher from workshops situated at the bottom of this page. Each workshop, framed by an experienced animator, is for one group.

Creation of 3 options :


Option n°1: activity « Discovery of barnyard animals » for infants schools (workshop dedicated for others : junior and senior schools) for a duration of 2 hours, is under the responsability of one animator by group and not one animator for 2 groups.

Option n°2 : activity « Discovery of barnyard animals » (workshop dedicated for others ..;) is under the responsability of one animator by group for a duration of 1 hour. A third workshop can therefore be chosen.

Option n°3 : semi-autonomous status activity is replaced by 2 workshops, so 4 workshops per day. This option is reserved for junior and senior schools.

After a number of remarks from teachers concerning TAP (shorter visiting hours), we decided to cancel afternoon tea.

A group of 15 maximum.

A supplement of 1,50 € per child will required for cooking workshop. Groups that have chosen cookings will be able to taste their preparations during their meals or for dessert or afternoon tea. For hygiene measures, it is not possible to take away preparations made.

Prices depending on seasons and number of groups, and supplementary information can be found on the inscription form.

To see a typical day or optinal formulas, please click under here :

Example or basic formula for infants

Example or basic formula for infants

exemple formule base scolaire

Option n°1 (for infants)

Option n°1 (for infants)

exemple option 1 scolaire

Option n°2 (or infants)

Option n°2 (or infants)

exemple option 2 scolaire

Option n°3 reserved for juniors and high schools

Option n°3 reserved for juniors and high schools

exemple option 3 scolaire